Happy Birthday, Honey!


Today is my husband’s 39th birthday.  Happy birthday, Honey!  You’re my favorite guy in the world, and on your birthday, I have a few wishes of my own…13 to be exact…since, you know…that’s how many years there are between us.

1 – A long, healthy life.  I mean, that’s kind of a given, right?  We all want that for ourselves, and we should want it for each other.  I certainly want it for you.

2 – A yummy birthday lunch.  Hopefully by the time I post this you will have had lunch, and I just want you to know that I absolutely did NOT call Stan tell him that I was jealous of your bromance.  No, that was not me.

3 – A relaxing night at home (without much social interaction with the dreaded roommate).

4 – A call from your three favorite people, A, G and M, and maybe a couple of birthday wishes from them, too.

5 – A fun e-mail chain between you and me.  I vow to be all of the things today that you want me to be – silly, bubbly, chatty, attentive, bait-taking (inside joke), smiley and glad that you are my husband.  Because I am.

6 – A good night’s sleep.  Because you rarely get one of those anymore.

7 – A conversation with your parents that results in a good gift.  They know you probably as well as I do.  And I know they’ll get you something great.  Not another teal suitcase, though.

8 – Stress relief for just one day.  Enjoy this one.  It’s yours.  You can pick up the stress tomorrow.  I’m sure it will be there.

9 – That there will be something on t.v. worth watching.  Not likely, on a Thursday though.  Sorry, Baby.

10 – A speedy next six months so that we can travel together more often.  I can’t wait to get back on the road with you.  My most cherished memories are set in the passenger seat, holding your hand and talking while you drive.

11 – A simple, not too over-the-top dinner, compliments of this annoying guy that you don’t really like that much, without cheese singles, this time.

12 – I love yous and x’s and o’s from everyone you hold close to your heart, even if they have to be long distance x’s and o’s.

13 – A loving, caring, selfless wife, who will take care of you always.  Who will be there for you when you need her most (and will learn to step away when you’d rather be alone in peace – wink!).  Who will stick it out with you no matter what else happens that should tear you apart.

I was talking about myself there…just saying.

Happy birthday, Handsome.  You’re everything I could’ve wished for.  I love you.

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